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Easy Free Notes is a Education portal where the users will be able to search notes , question paper ,E-books and videos with an online system site users can also browse about the content and can update their knowledge with our resources , view PDF, can access the courses with paying minute amount , and user can get the certificate also after completing the courses


EasyFreeNotes - Names Says It All

EasyFreeNotes-Name says it all...Our Moto is to give you access to one stop solution for all your struggle for notes. Over the time period we all have gone through pain of collecting notes from this website to that website from one friend to another. Now you have EasyFreeNotes- It's easy to access..It's free for everyone..and hassle free.. by US for YOU.

With a strong footing in our core domains, EasyFreeNotes is also charting a new course to make the best of emerging opportunities.


Welcome to Easyfreenotes

Welcome to Education Era,where learning is everything. Education just not means filling paper with answers and getting marks and eventually getting a degree but it means having knowledge of what you love,what you achieve as a degree. To get that knowledge we have EasyFreeNotes for you. Have access to a space where you can learn more, develop yourself,bruise your mind with amazing tech facts and many more things. By US for YOU.

Md of easyfreenotes

“EasyFreeNotes is not just a project to complete ,it's a dream. Dream to provide notes to all of you. As a student I always had this struggle of collecting notes,at that time , I always wanted a proper source of notes and I made up my mind that I'll not let all go through this struggle. That's what is EasyFreeNotes a struggle free easy source to all the notes.“

Shankar Singh, MD & Founder

How Will EasyFreeNotes Assist You?


A next gen platform

Easyfreenotes help you and assist you in your exam,for professional ones it will be boon for imporving their skills. We are focus on remain relevant in an age of new technologies and expectations of millennials.


Delight Folks

Easyfreenotes helps students,professional ones and deliver personalized experiences/services to customers by better understanding. In effect, develop more empathy and intimacy with customers whose expectations keep rising.


Ensure Relability

Easyfreenotes ensures 99.9% relaibility with their resources and stil we are not 100% perfect we might did some error.Feel free to mail us at

What Will Efn'ias do?


Sense and respond

Gauge the context to delight the folks with a bespoke solution made to order for the education enterprise. In effect, become a trusted resources partner of clients.


Driven by innovation

When the problem statement is defined, probe the issue to deliver a solution at the intersection of business and technology to deliver tangible business value. In effect, think out-of-the-box in interactions with clients.


Realize latent potential

Leverage the domain expertise and Intellectual Property of Easyfreenotes to alter the perception of IT. In effect, become a brand ambassador of EFN.

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